A History of Fun

Nearly 28 years ago Brenda Scharlow asked God to show her an idea that would enable her to bless as many children as possible with the benefit and joy of learning gymnastics. At the time, she was using a van to transport equipment to daycares that had space enough to accommodate equipment setup and teaching a gymnastics class. That left many children out who attended small daycares and in-home centers.

God was faithful to answer and she began to see a finished TUMBLEBUS® created from a former school bus. The name, the primary colors of red, yellow and blue, the safety considerations of padded walls, floors and equipment became so clear to her. In 1987, she built the first TUMBLEBUS®.

Well over 300 have now been sold throughout the United States including Hawaii and Canada. TUMBLEBUS® is not a franchise. Each one has been sold to an individual or organization to benefit children and bring in income however the owner chose. The business plan, marketing plan, materials and training were included in the purchase.

In 2011, Corey and Lindsay Wall purchased TUMBLEBUS® to operate in Tampa, Florida. Their TUMBLEBUS® Tampa business had been such a success that they soon approached Brenda about buying TUMBLEBUS® and taking it to the next level. Brenda couldn't let go of her "baby" for several years, but then came to realize TUMBLEBUS® could move forward in such capable hands. In September 2015, Corey and Lindsay Wall purchased the company from Brenda and are excited to take what she built to the next level.


Meet the New Owners

Lindsay Wall

Lindsay grew up doing gymnastics at an early age and continued throughout high school. This foundation allowed her to become a college cheerleader at The University of Missouri. During her junior year she was given the opportunity to manage the gymnastics program that was part of the University. She successfully ran this program for two years.  Her love for coaching was apparent; however, her Biochemistry degree and the BIG city, Chicago, were calling for a different career path. After getting married, three moves and three jobs, Lindsay settled into Tampa, Florida with her husband Corey. After living in Tampa for a couple of years, Lindsay saw a need for gymnastics and fitness. Her passion for children and coaching remained and the opportunity to have the TUMBLEBUS® was the perfect fit to fill the need. 


Corey Wall

Corey, Lindsay's husband, shares the passion for providing fitness and gymnastics to young children. While Corey never participated in gymnastics, he was active in baseball, basketball and football. He believes every child should have an opportunity to have fun and stay fit! Corey also has a passion to help others become business owners. He is excited to be a part of TUMBLEBUS® and grow it to the next level.